【Flutter入門】Mac OS X・Xcode環境でのエラー対策



【Mac編】「flutter build ios」のエラー対策


$flutter build ios

/Users/xxx/xxx/xxx/ios/Runner/Info.plist: Property List error: Value missing for key inside  at line 47 / JSON error: JSON text did not start
with array or object and option to allow fragments not set.
Building jp.co.orust.reki for device (ios-release)...
No valid code signing certificates were found
You can connect to your Apple Developer account by signing in with your Apple ID
in Xcode and create an iOS Development Certificate as well as a Provisioning
Profile for your project by:
  1- Open the Flutter project's Xcode target with
       open ios/Runner.xcworkspace
  2- Select the 'Runner' project in the navigator then the 'Runner' target
     in the project settings
  3- In the 'General' tab, make sure a 'Development Team' is selected.
     You may need to:
         - Log in with your Apple ID in Xcode first
         - Ensure you have a valid unique Bundle ID
         - Register your device with your Apple Developer Account
         - Let Xcode automatically provision a profile for your app
  4- Build or run your project again
  5- Trust your newly created Development Certificate on your iOS device
     via Settings > General > Device Management > [your new certificate] > Trust

For more information, please visit:

Or run on an iOS simulator without code signing
No development certificates available to code sign app for device deployment